Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going Green?

No, I have not adopted any new ecologically minded practices in my studio. Here is a green example of what happens when my work gets ahead of me in the studio. When I cast a new piece but don't have time to re-carve it to get back those wonderful undercuts lost in the slip cast process.
This also happens when I begin the initial carving of a piece and can't finish it in a timely manner.
I think it looks kind of cool. It makes me think I should try adding some washes to my pieces. What do you think?


Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis said...

I think it looks cool! Worth trying to mimic.

tturner said...

The slip cast ones you could add colorants like Wedgewood did, they called it Parian ware. I think the unglazed surface is special, especially if the porcelain shines. Keep on keepin on. tom turner